Jonathan Lee and Evelyn Zacharias met in the fall of 2012 in Herrnhut, Germany at an arts and missions school called "Marriage of the Arts". During this time, the two didn't talk to each other very much, and the closest they worked together on music was when Jonathan helped her record a short 3 song EP. After the school ended, the two individually decided to go back to Herrnhut and enroll in their School of Worship program. During this time, they started playing and writing music together quite frequently, and after 2 months had already written 5 songs together. Jonathan moved to Asia in autumn of 2013, followed by Evelyn in January of 2014. The two continued to write and play concerts together during their time in Asia. In mid 2014, Jonathan and Evelyn started a relationship which deepened the content of the songs they wrote, and on September 25th, 2015 they released their first album entitled "There Life is Growing in Silence". In October of that same year, Jonathan and Evelyn got married in Evelyn's hometown of Holzhausen, Germany. On July 5th, 2017 Jonathan and Evelyn released a single entitled "Follow You 'Round" romanticizing the story between the two and all the traveling they have done.

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